Chicken Nugget Is Asking for Your Help!

Please give to help Nugget help his Friends

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Please give to help Nugget help his Friends

I adopted Chicken Nugget from an animal rescue group named A Critter's Chance. Fritz and I went to their farm to pick up 4 bunnies for me to foster, and help out. He was the only tiny bantam rooster running around all full sized chickens. He was following us around and I asked if I could pick him up, (I knew nothing about chickens). 'Sure, if he will let you'. He not only let me, as we walked around he laid his head on my shoulder and fell asleep! Deal breaker!! (I think Fritz’s exact words were, “Oh S@#t, we are taking a chicken home”)

Chicken Nugget was a stray that was picked up by someone and the rescue had just taken him in. The poor little Guy, (less than 1 pound!), I can't imagine that people just dump defenseless animals, at least have the decency to take them to a humane society or rescue group. He has now been part of our family for over two years (adopted January 2016). He sleeps in his coop outside, he always looks out for his peeps. He is loving and kind, but also a strong soul. At least, one night during the week, I bring him in, feed him special treats, and hold him for hours, while I watch tv, work, etc. I won’t lie, sometimes (OK, almost every time) we both fall asleep. He is a treasure! He (and his Family we have created) showed me that chickens are very smart animals, and can even be pets. They also deserve to be treated humanely!

In February of this year (2018), I made our rescue efforts official, and formed Chicken Nugget and Gang, Inc. It was only fitting to name it after the dynamic Chicken Nugget!

We are a small (start-up) Rescue, Sanctuary & Support group. We will work hard to support ‘Friends of Nugget’ which are other Rescues that we know do a great job of caring for the animals that they work with. We have many exciting ideas and plans in the works!