Cape Cod Pet Owners Need Your Assistance...

Please Give Generously Today to Help Owners and Pets in Need!

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Please Give Generously Today to Help Owners and Pets in Need!

The Cape Cod Emergency Pet Program is a resource meant to assist individuals and families who have pets that they cannot take with them into temporary living facilities on Cape Cod, MA. This can be a transitional home, shelter or any other type of housing situation. The ultimate goal is to establish a safe, reliable network of care for their pets so that they can concentrate on making their situation better.

As with most programs of this nature, fostering is the number one need. Without a stable foster network, it makes the rest much more difficult.

But, reliable boarding facilities and fosters can provide time for the individuals to relax and think clearly. It provides opportunity to have a more coherent conversation about their options and their future. If given this time, it can prevent a mental health crisis and additional trauma. It can save both the individual and pet's lives.

Rescues and shelters provide extra space and care if there are no
fosters or other venues available. This also gives the client a sense of peace while they work through a plan for the future.

Veterinarians provide assistance in ensuring that the pets are as healthy as possible so that they can be returned to their owners in decent condition. Much of the time pets are not up to date on vaccines or have other ailments that have gone untreated because of the lack of funds, or other difficulties.

Trainers can provide a little help with any simple behavioral issues so that when the pet is returned to their owner both have a plan to ensure that life is a little easier

Groomers can make a pet that may have not had something simple as a bath or nail trim in quite a while feel so much better!

Transporters provide important assistance to everyone by ensuring the pets are where they need to be and allow the other Partners to have more time to do their work.

And donors provide funds that makes it all happen!!