Please help kick off A Pawsitive Mission’s campaign on the right paw!

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Please help kick off A Pawsitive Mission’s campaign on the right paw!   image

Donate now!

Please Help Owners Keep their Pets Healthy!

I think we can all agree, owning a pet is so rewarding! Pets provide unconditional love and companionship, not to mention emotional and mental health benefits.
In the past year, it has become more obvious that pets mean the world to so many people. A Pawsitive Mission was funded with this need in mind. We want to help by keeping pets with their people, ensuring the human-animal bond is maintained. Much too often, pet parents are faced to make decisions about their pet’s fate based purely on finances. This can create stress for the pet parents and Veterinary team alike. With our funds, we will provide a grant towards Veterinary medical care to be paid to the treating Veterinarian on behalf of the pet parent. We currently offer funds to residents of New Hanover county in North Carolina to be used at animal hospitals we’ve partnered with within the county. This will help reduce medical relinquishment of pets, decrease euthanasia of pets that could have a good prognosis with appropriate medical care and keep the pet with the people that love them.
Once we become more established, our future goals include being able to provide grants for life saving surgical or medical procedures with a good prognosis. Additionally, we hope to expand to serve the surrounding counties, like Brunswick and Pender Counties in North Carolina.
Please consider donating to this much needed mission on behalf of yourself or a loved one! If you are donating in memory, please feel free to share a story of your loved one.
Just think of the lives we can change or save by working together!
Thank you for your donation,
Dr. Gina Scarzella
~Founder of A Pawsitive Mission

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